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gLORIOUS (free) 03:48
tREY pOP VERSE 1: it's time for that -slick talkin, big boppin, chirs walken, of this tirbute to the glib who, keep the glorious pop in what they offerin up, often pups are barking at a full roar, but~it's really corny kennel kernels drillin at a full bore, these* little evil weevils, trying to slice into our bolls, suck the life out, -so i blaze faster, bust the pipe out~ and~set phasers to char, and roast the whole damn receptacle. later's when i'll wonder if my actions were respectable.* gLORIOUS eSTEBAN VERSE 1: We staying fed tummy full luxury wine and bread stenciled mental broken tables full of oregonian labels floral fire smoking croquet with queens and the fanfare keep heads Rollin easy out them jordache jeans pierced at the crease sleaze on the vine battle fed prime stay entangled in the grind aphrodity jacuzzi with the closest porters of mine throughout this glorious grime HOOK: glorious, glorious. glorious, we keep it glorious glorious, glorious. glorious, we keep it glorious glorious, glorious. glorious, we keep it glorious glorious, glorious. glorious, we keep it glorious tREY pOP VERSE 2: -back to the matter at hand, smite my enemy w/ love, i'm really just light squared, times life energy drugs, provide remedies to all our ugly tendencies, self-medicated, predicated on it mending me this darned bear, keeps the track wrapped in stitches, classic with the content, take you back, aloysius spittin shallow pitches -straight over the -plate, that blast past y'all, slack-jawed, exclaimin "no way!" gLORIOUS eSTEBAN VERSE 2: huntin buterflies i Cop a piece of cream pie out A vanilla sky stay diamond hard fuel cole derived gods children follow  fatherhood pipe pussys pissed  this ledge leads to eternal bliss impartial to novelettes and a gods flow with a  slight lisp the papa bear quantum leaped these wacko logical liers with the flick of a righteous wizards wrist mature spit up past jeopardy piecies scalling while your asleep in a serpents belly with blind fish  HOOK tREY pOP VERSE 3: diggin through the brig for a little sip of bourbon ticklin my ribs, the heart beating in this person fickler than shit, i'll martyr treasonous converters who bartered with their purse gleam, for start a against the first string -i hold malice against those bold yet untalented foldable and malleable, but far from discernable tin foil emcees, you've done spoiled Every scene drop my finger on the button, kill the world to burn em all gLORIOUS eSTEBAN VERSE 3: Soul sewn seam through the crown of a fortunate king depict the dialect from the lines Writen in between steam roll inception it's just a wet dream thoroughbred saddle king kissin diamonds set in pinky rings around the rosery count your confessions strength through miagi lessons just pray you dont choke being forcefed these glorious perfections  HOOK
HOOK 1: we're talkin music, glorious music that poppy music, we're talkin music jASON DA hATER VERSE: HOOK 2: we're talkin music, glorious music that poppy, poppy music tREY pOP VERSE: these kids play man to man, and bug reppin no homo/ we in the zone on the road stuck stressed bout no promo/ i'm most impressed with those controllin flows fast & slo-mo liquidate you twinkies for bad business, -no more ho- * ho's, break up dirt, do work, the garden patch tended -state of alert, this is the end game, last ditch effort -prayin the earth suspends blame & vast snitch networks -i~landed~on~this~planet~like~y'all, crashed in head* FIRST~still knockin dust out my ears, and brushin shoulders off -chill with a cup over here, until the show goes off vocals off, holler at the sound man for some monitors locals drop some dollars and a pound, snaggin merchandise* stuck addicted, try recapturing elusive perfect highs much of the rhyme, striving~to~reproduce that certain tim- ING. i'm in. all the way. push stack to pot. -watch the chips drop, but i got that oil cracklin* HOT-later tater-~i~wait~for all ruffles to lay, first, then spray words, the big mist-er, swamp coolin, trey's verse pops so hard, all my joints go arthritic/ after tracks, orthopedists~and~audiologists~catch~visits HOOK 2 gLORIOUS eSTEBAN VERSE: HOOK 2
HOOK: yeah the story don't/ yeah the story don't stop stop/ it's the glorious, it's the glorious pop pop tREY pOP VERSE: - i'ma spit it umbilical - for y'all babies, one syllables - mmm~ nah, i can't keep it minimal - not into pitbull pitiful - so~roMANtic when i ridicule - my~seMANtic love is fillin you - smoke a plant, tantric physical bank on that, dank fiscal's what i bring the youth- and it's so warm and fuzzy - don't worry, trey's not scuzzy - jump on stage all buzzing dead-pan fun, pulled ahead and won truuust me- that's all that i'm askin - - dj hush cut the track and - - in our souls you're baskin/ hope you're strapped in, all~on~the~table?, we stack --nap-kins. HOOK iAME VERSE: So romantic when it's ridicul-- ous, the lust between me & these cuts I'm attracted to, and they attract to me, while you gets nun.. just vows of chastity.. I turn a convent into a dorm room and tell these girls behave like you're born to.. (sinners) nah, it's all part of my metaphor okay? where the rhythms like women with whom I fornicate.. It's been done before? no way. I'm the original guy who came up with the initials to convey it.. OG, small TM after, small C in the circle.. in other words, that's all me.. the architect with his blueprint.. the very first to ever do it.. Right? if not, great minds think alike now find your own voice, don't suck and don't bite (rappers) HOOK gLORIOUS eSTEBAN VERSE:
jUST fASHION (free) 03:49
HOOK: we put that mask on - / it's just fashion- / not long lastin- / g pop baskin gLORIOUS eSTEBAN VERSE 1: HOOK tREY pOP VERSE 2: it's the reTURN of the jilted maverick, pull the hilt from the scabard, let's storm the castle then rebuild the palace. get this ceaser established. i beat back the malice to find only the- lonely inhabit the* -vainglorious. the pain is scored on us keep track of scabs on the - maimed forearms of tamed poor ones who were- trained by saurons only to destroy.~see we emply brain torrents/ our* stormy winds whip up a born-again fervor -minus the spineless fanatical nurture disCOURage the monstrous. develop your conscience pulverizing fossils~with the powder paint picassos aiming at the process, never the destination/ no -shame in a loss, unless you focus on presentation -fame is an object to be dashed in an instant -live as a ghost or pass to a new dimension? HOOK gLORIOUS eSTEBAN VERSE 3: tell penned golden leafed mouth consumed candy cane give aches causing the sandmans teeth to fall out. sloth pigs asleep on the couch white birds fly north and south. it's always winter pj's on the mouse housecoat dripped in laziness. promethazine cough/ even during pharmaceutical slumber Esteban doesn't stop tREY pOP VERSE 3: and i say -rest upon those props and crutches/ makin jerks, poppin clutches --go to work moppin dungeons, clean ourselves in to a corner/ make our way out tip-toed dry spot to dry spot lungin/ we* apPLY god, espunging past trudgings over unoffered coats atop puddles --hands in center, let's huddle, and on three, we'll give a cheer to a/ clearly true notorious crop. beer me, dude. we're glorious pop. HOOK
dIP nOW (free) 03:02
HOOK: dark gray clouds it's time to get outta here -dip now. we're gonna celebrate our life's parade of -let downs. so strong we tolerate every sling and arROW,- take the high road elevatin straight and* narROW, fiddled about, we nearly nero'ed while the/ earth burned, one good turn deserves another, love for my glorious brother, phila delph of an iller self, tREY pOP VERSE: got the skill of stealth, -but~you might hear me from a mile off,* all these kush cultivars have left me with a mild cough trials off, another blurry tuesday with no jury duty, stay at home, time creating, down the stairs, in my basement, say a sentence perfectly, condenser mic circuitry * reLAYS the signal through the pre-amp, silver-tongued, mercury sun, why you jerkin me? all i needs a yea or nay, got no time to play or wait, book me send a save the date graves await our mortal coils, make the case for stayin loyal* BRIDGE: with a pinch of humor and a sense of light stumblin in our stupor we represent the night HOOK: dark gray clouds it's time to get outta here -dip now. we're gonna celebrate our life's parade of -let downs. so strong we tolerate every sling and arROW,- take the high road elevatin straight and* narROW, fiddled about, we nearly nero'ed while the/ earth burned, one good turn deserves another, love for my glorious brother, phila delph of an iller self, gLORIOUS eSTEBAN VERSE: They Long for the Longfellow of this hidieous lock combination graceful longhand at graceland barley and hops props to the vinyl heads  slice the ringtone cops flu snot 151 shots rockets and angelic blood clots plastic 380 amo costs lots to much hardheaded souls stomach rots perfect damn near but just not quite, not that I will ever blood red stop already we hybernatting through thoughts Matterhorn top  BRIDGE: with a pinch of humor and a sense of light stumblin in our stupor we represent the night
HOOK: livin the life live in the times live in the light live in the grime liftin our sights liftin our minds liftin our life liftin our times tREY pOP VERSE: an immiGRANT, who slithered in along the snake river bed never been guilty of being~a~dick to the innocent sever clean, filthy when i spit, slender with minarette silHOUettes, cast shadows of mass gallows, while i bend your necks* -herdin y'all's vertebra, my hustle- rustle true headz dispersin y'all's personals, a must among new friends servin ya'll murderous. bust flows, discussing move-ments cursing ya'll's vertigo, i stay blowed, a true trend*/ -blue~blend~with thumb crumbled lumps of hash tumbled in imPROVEs when i ignite the lightly twisted, smoke rumblin~over stubbled chin, doubled over when my lungs stung with trouble grin when dippin shovel~loads~in~the~bubbles man i'm loving when smooth* plants hit, burn my finger, smirk, then wu-tang it never plan a spit, because the channeling enhances it automatic writin~caught in mad excitement. slaughter your entire titan teaaaaaaaaam. turnin~turbiiiiness as~iiii~steeeeeam HOOK gLORIOUS eSTEBAN VERSE:


From the minds of Oso Negro & Charles Engels comes the:
Produced by dj hUSH (Memphis, TN), and featuring iAME (Sandpeople/Oldominion- Portland, OR) & jASON DA hATER (IMC- Memphis, TN).


released February 14, 2013

All photos taken and edited by Max A Chavez.
Layout by Oso Negro.
Mastered by Luke Meade, the Mix House, Boise, ID.
Mixes & drops by Oso Negro.


all rights reserved



Oso Negro Pensacola, Florida

A recovering scientist, Oso Negro dedicated his present to hip-hop +. He can't relate to much now-a-days, so he's decided to make music of his life and time. "Breachin' kids thoughts, but aiming at the minds of men, finding them fighting tidal strength." With a twist of reggae & a splash of crooning, Oso mixes it up, keeping it fun & stimulating ... more

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