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Bad Love

from Keyholes EP by Oso Negro & Ph8



"Bad Love" - Track 1
The refrain "Jealousy and ego," continually resurfaces throughout the song, just as these traits readily reappear in life as sources of all problems Oso addresses in the track. Backed by a deep driving bass, ethereal vocal samples, and a snappy rhythm section, Ph8 provides a humming backdrop for the melodically delivered verses. Also of note is how Oso crafted nearly each line to mirror one another throughout the piece.


jealousy and ego
these fellas be so evil
tellin me to please go
meditate on re-growth
jealousy and e-go
the fallacies that we're sold
no penitence or weed smoke
can get us free of these holes*
jealousy and ego
the relative of people
embedded as a prequel
to genetic's full upheaval
jealousy and ego
i've never seen no equal
it sets the scene to feed those
skeletons and key-holes

i got, i got bad bad love
i got, i got bad bad love
i got, i got bad bad love
i got, i got bad bad love

jealousy and ego
a trellis beneath tree growth
enveloped by the leaves, so
developmentally slow
jealousy and ego
the melanin brings heat, yo
repelling peeps to treat those
"mirrors ain't like we though"
jealousy and ego
appellate, seek the legal
pathetic schemes of regal
keep infected as the sheeples
jealousy and ego
compelling me to freeze cold
mention me, i squeeze throats
seek enemies then sieze hold

i got, i got bad bad love
i got, i got bad bad love
i got, i got bad bad love
i got, i got bad bad love


from Keyholes EP, released January 29, 2016
Beat, mix, master- Ph8
Vocals, lyrics- Oso




Oso Negro Pensacola, Florida

A recovering scientist, Oso Negro dedicated his present to hip-hop +. He can't relate to much now-a-days, so he's decided to make music of his life and time. "Breachin' kids thoughts, but aiming at the minds of men, finding them fighting tidal strength." With a twist of reggae & a splash of crooning, Oso mixes it up, keeping it fun & stimulating ... more

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