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Vision Quest

from Keyholes EP by Oso Negro & Ph8



"Vision Quest" - Track 5
Being Ph8's favorite song on the project, it saw him push Oso to fully focus and fill in the various textures and geographies in this sonic landscape. Spaced out synths, sparse drums, whirling woodwinds, and a thick bass line underly the most directly personal song on the project, covering the process, love, and experience of working through life, stress, and music. This is a linear track aiming to provide an outward blossoming through space and time as it progresses towards an infinity.


been to heaven and back, when i'm hittin em raps, yeah, i levitate fast, dude
eliminates past, disseminates maps, to the inner space, that's you
moments get stacked, movement is sapped, fluid turns statue
probing dem cracks, glowin at last, soul at rest, that's food
with precision, yes, a vision quest, from deprivation
made the decision test the risen stress, with breath and patience
bless the glory of the respiratory, stretched then vacant
pull then clear the pulmonary, full freshness i take in
inhale a spinning gale and capture it within my rib cage
exhale a winning tale of mastery fitting for this stage
inter- v. in-dependent, interred v. visitin residents
insure insurgency when emergency's been met with reticence
engage the cycle, rephrase the life view, elevate the sights [true]
regain the right you, retrain to fight through, meditate on light [ooh]
restrain the hate, resentment in detention, elevate- slice roof
agree pain's the way, as we strain to stay, in the phase we'd like to

break down when we face the weight
raise crown or taste drowning. ph8 creates

it's hide and seek with an essence not inside of me
silent, speak, violent, meek, spiraling, from time it's free
resides beside thrice-fold dimensions, mighty sleek
broadcast receiver, at LONG last i'll meet ya, my decree
six grams of glory, and the story starts to unfold
not seeds of morning, but the sporings of the fungal
i set some fun goals, stood on stage, and spun gold
spread nectar, bumbled. come blaze with your favorite uncle

cosmic rays or a concrete jungle?
we all stuck waitin for the complete bundle
cosmic rays or a concrete jungle?
we all just playin and compete for the plunder
cosmic rays or a concrete jungle?
we all contemplating on a complete bundle
cosmic rays or a concrete jungle?
we all just trainin to compete for plunder


from Keyholes EP, released January 29, 2016
Beat, mix, master- Ph8
Vocals, lyrics- Oso




Oso Negro Pensacola, Florida

A recovering scientist, Oso Negro dedicated his present to hip-hop +. He can't relate to much now-a-days, so he's decided to make music of his life and time. "Breachin' kids thoughts, but aiming at the minds of men, finding them fighting tidal strength." With a twist of reggae & a splash of crooning, Oso mixes it up, keeping it fun & stimulating ... more

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